Online GST Return Annual Filing - GST Filing & GST Payment Just One Click!!

As per the new guidelines of the GST Registration Process, the candidate is recommended to enlist whether the annual sales are more than Rs. 40 Lakh yet assuming that your deals are beneath Rs. 40 Lakh, we suggest willingly by choosing GST enrollment for the following reasons:

  • To get the refunds of tax on buys (for example, assuming that you purchase wares esteeming Rs 1 lakh in a year, and the rate of tax is 28% - you will no longer have a refund on the tax of Rs. 28,000)
  • To sell outside your state

Under the new system of GST, an enlisted seller under the GST Act needs to regularly enhance the features of deals and buys alongside tax assembled and paid consequently to the public authority by filing GST returns on the web.

What is Included in Our Package?
  • 1 Filing the return
  • 2 Review of Input Tax Credit
  • 3 Review of GST payable
  • 4 Submitting the return

Documents Required For GST Annual Return Filing

For documenting different returns we give a particular configuration having particular features of all the segments expected to file returns.